For those who want quick answers to common questions about the software, here's your definitive guide.

This document and its associated flowchart visual are meant to serve as an introductory document for newer projectionists, visually illustrating an 8-step process with a brief description and links to helpful resources for each.

The Short-Term Industry Projections application produces two-year employment projections by detailed industries for your state and local areas. Output files from this application can be transferred to either Occupational Projections or Report Manager, two other Projections Suite applications. In addition, the output can be exported from the Projections Suite for use with other commercial software.

The Long-Term Industry Projections course will give you the technical skills and hands-on software experience to be able to complete long-term employment projections for your state down to the NAICS 4-digit level of industry detail. Regression analysis is the prominent statistical tool used to analyze the employment time series. 

The Report Manager application uses output files transferred from the Projections Suite Estimation applications (STIP, LTIP, and OP) or files imported from external sources to generate projections-related analyses and reports. Within Report Manager, you can create descriptors (e.g., high growth industries and low growth industries), indexes (e.g., hot jobs based on occupational projections and occupational wages), or skills-based employment projections (e.g., green and non-green skill employment demand).